GNC™ Junior Leadership


   Good News Club Junior Leadership training is an opportunity for club leaders to select and send fifth graders to an interactive fun evening of training.
   Junior leaders will learn how to assist in shepherding responsibilities such as listening to memory verses and helping
younger children write their prayer  requests. They will also learn how to help the assistant teachers during the club hour by leading the motions to songs, memory verse repetition and review games.

Download-Iredell County Registration Form Here.

Download-Davie County Registration Form Here.

Download-Alexander County Registration Form Here.

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General Schedule Covers the Following:
• Learn Basic Gospel thru the “Wordless Book”
• Motions to Songs
• Memory Verse Games
• Review Games
• Assisting Shepherds with writing out prayer request, taking attendance, listening to memory verses from younger children.
• Ways of keeping disciple to a minimum, holding others accountable.